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Be Agile

Be Agile by Fatih Tatoğlu

I desire to share my ideas, projects, and knowledge over the Internet. So far, I couldn't sustainably achieve that. Because of this, I have a lot of stories how starting blogging. Every time, I started with a huge excitement. But after five or six posts, my motivation was gone to write a new post.

When I shared this situation with my wife, she said, "You like starting something, but you don't continue". While trying to understand my lack of motivation, I joined a session in 2020. Selçuk Erdem, one of the famous cartoonists in Turkey, said "There are too many internal excuses to do nothing. For example, colorful and expensive books or pencils. They judge you while you are drawing. So, you should select the cheapest and the non-attractive ones". After the meeting, I realized he was right and recognized that I had similar steps in my previous tries. I had to try something new to break the routine.

As a first action, I decided to find my intrinsic motivation to write a blog. My incentive is to learn new things, share my knowledge, and have fun. After that, I wrote this post to increase my motivation. If I lose my motivation, I am planning to read this post to find it again. Additionally, to show what I can do with the correct guidance, I also added the cartoon I drew without any drawing skills, with the instructions given by Selçuk Erdem.

In a summary, I am trying to give a right direction to you for blogging.

I thank my wife and Selçuk Erdem for encouraging me to blogging.